The carefull selection of UVTK modules enables Nekonata to produce its first toolkit for the railway transport industry


Tramenex provides low cost training for locomotive drivers, providing the right skill set for emergency and none standard scenarios. The application of enhanced reality in diverse scenarios, with transportable interior settings, creats a unique training experience and valuable insight into the daily challenges of a train driver.

All our solutions are supported by the Nekonata XSensor System, which integrates hardware into the simulation process.

True Realism

Accurate Train Physics and Dynamics

Uniquely customized

Local Track Network


Holisitc Field Of View Using Mixed Reality

Training and Education

Just as rail systems become technically more complex an aging workforce results in the loss of experience. Consequently, the training and education curricula has to be adapted for a new generation of operatives.

Alternatively, carefullly implemented new technology provides a cost effective path of skill enhancement well able to confront a rapidly developing infrastructure.

Following a „learning by doing „approach or use old fashioned training technology to equip their workforce with a partly outdated know-how. In addition, the high complex legal operation framework (European Trains System) is challenging  the train drivers and its infrastructure.


Innovation in Learning

The Tramenex micro-toolkit, provides a completely new approach for training in local environments. We provide th perfect environment for a high-quality train driver education complient with the operation law of the European Union (e.g. new devices or operational guidlines). With our sensor system, Tramenex can be used for every type of train.