UVTK: Universal Vehicle Training Kit

and the XSensor System

The Universal Vehicle Training Kit (UVTK) is a modular software framework helping our customers to create highly efficient XR simulation while focusing on driver training and autonomous vehicle development. Highly experienced in failure based learning through „on the fly“ applications using artificial intelligence, XR simulation made with the UVTK minimizes the motion sickness affect common to competitive systems. A modular software structure supports customers in different industries with individual simulation needs and challenges.

The XSensor System is a modular upgrade kit which makes any vehicle XR-ready. Using a multitude of special sensors the whole car becomes an input device. From steering wheel, to pedals, and custom buttons and sliders, the XSensor upgrade kit combined with our software, tracks and translates every movement, press and interaction.

Feature Overview

Anti Motion SIckness

Our modified software and usability research, minimizes failure rates due to motion sickness by 90%.

Rapid Development

The UVTK is a toolkit for XR designers and content creators. Its editor interfce reduces the time of local XR simulation creation by 60&.

Seamless Integration

Using the XSensor Kit, every vehicle can be upgraded and used as a input device for our XR simulations.

Extended Reality

Using the XSensor Kit, every vehicle can be upgraded and used as an input device for our XR simulations.

Data Driven

By collecting driving data and analysing it in real time, the UVTK provides constantly an adjsuted simulation scenario tailored to the drivers behavior.