By hand picking UVTK modules and restructure them to an adjusted micro-toolkit, Nekonata created its first productline for professional driver training.


The micro-toolkit Motex – offers new dimensions for professional driver and operator training. The toolkit focus on the creation of scenarios that would be too dangerous to practice in real life, or happen too rarely to train them on streets. Motex allows to generate local environments via real map data import, to train even more realistic, leverage driver data and design accident hotspots to prevent potential crashes.

All our solutions are supported by the Nekonata XSensor System, allowing to integrate hardware in the simulation process.

Build for People

Integrated Street Building Tool

Handmade and Unique

Special Feature For Local Environment Creation

Learning by Doing

Failure Based Learning On The Fly Training Apporach

Personal Trainer

Integrated Artificial Intelligence Assistance System – MOVADO

Dangerous Situations

Driving Education is one of the most important education fields in our society. Thousands of lifes can be saved by well-educated drivers and driving teachers. Unfortunately, without simulation, it is nearly impossible to train dangerous situations in a realistic way. Already existing companies tried to build such simulators, with only little success. These simulators follow only a standardized approach by using unrealistic steering, standards environments and driving dynamics. These solutions have little to do with a real driving experience.


Learn by Failing

For the last three years, we worked on a software to bring new dimensions to driver training applications idea. We figured out that motion sickness in XR is the most challenging problem and thus also focused on this strongly. By using our self-developed sensor system and the Universal Vehicle Training Kit, we assure highly realistic driving education in local environments using immersive technology.